Let’s Help the Victims in Boston…


Our brothers and sisters in Boston are hurting...and we want to help. Rally.org is taking donations to help the Marathon bombing victims. Please take a moment and help out in any way you can. Click here to learn more. We have a lot going on next week and I'll share that with you on Monday. For now, let's help those who are hurting more than us. … [Read more...]

Mike grew a Networking App from 0 to 25 million users…here’s his advice on how you can network better!


When I first met Mike Del Ponte, he had recently joined Branch Out to head up User Acquisition. Since I was looking to interview "networking gurus," who better to ask than a guy who was at the center of building the largest professional networking service on Facebook (0 to 25 million users in 16 months!). Mike has since moved on to become co-founder and CEO of Soma - maker of the world’s most innovative water filters and beautiful glass carafes to provide healthy and delicious drinking … [Read more...]

What being in the top 1% of LinkedIn REALLY means…and what to do about it.


Recently, I received an email from LinkedIn congratulating me on being in the top 1% of viewed profiles. You may have gotten one like it too. And, it got me thinking about a couple of things… First, I’d rather be included in the “other 1%,” but that’s a conversation for another time. :-) Second, while I appreciate the accolade, what does it really mean? Clearly, for LinkedIn’s objectives, they are leveraging the social construct of reciprocity by praising you and … [Read more...]

2013 State of the Job Search

state of the career gtw

Thursday, February 28 - 12pmET Please join me as I deliver an assessment of the 2013 Job Search landscape. I'll provide actionable advice to accelerate your search, while pointing out pitfalls and disturbing trends to avoid. During our time together you'll learn: Why the unemployment numbers don’t tell the real story…where you need to look and, more importantly, what you can do about it. How conventional wisdom is sabotaging your search by making you a commodity versus a … [Read more...]

Advice + ? = Results

Advice Results

I love helping people find and solve career problems. Whether it's coaching, writing or speaking, at the crux of every conversation is identifying hurdles and removing them. And it absolutely makes my day to hear back from clients like Phillip... Crossing the chasm between "advice" and "results" requires a crucial step though...and I share that in my response to Phillip's email. Action! When I talk to my most successful clients (like Phillip), there's a recurring theme of … [Read more...]