You've had success...

by all accounts, you've "made it"...

NOW, you want something MORE!



You are a High Achiever. You go all-in, people come to you when they want $hit done and YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN.

(This is the same laser-focus that has led you to neglecting other areas in your life and/or getting frustrated with others who don't share your relentlessness.)


You are a Leader and Mentor who LOVES helping others. They can feel it too, which is why many COME TO you. 

(When out of balance, it can lead to sharing your gifts with those who aren't ready for them. When that happens, the high achiever in you takes it as failure which can drive you to retreat, insulate and put up your armor.)


You are a Creative and a Visionary. You play with the thought(s) of changing the world and are able to see the "big picture" - as well as the dots that connect it, before it's ever reality.

 (You often struggle to tame the ideation process ("SQUIRREL!"), which can be overwhelming and frustrating - especially when others can't "keep up." The status quo is boring and loses your attention quickly. Isolation can be misread as being aloof when, in actuality, it's oxygen for your creativity.)


You are Intuitive. How you're feeling is more powerful than even your logic.

(You also know you're smart...and can get caught up in your head. Often, when there's a perception of danger or fear, it's easy to retreat and go inward. This results in you running away from your superpower.)


If any or all of that feels like you...

we should get to know one another better.

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This is how my best clients described themselves.
Their words, not mine.

BTW - I can personally relate to all of doubt, it's why we work so well together!

Let's get to know one another better...

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